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    Most useful helping guide for indian stock market investors...!

    From Investors point of view there are two reasons related for stock market investments.

    1.  Multiply your funds with analyzing great opportunities by trading as of its own.

    2 . Generate strong buy and strong sell calls within portfolio management parameters. 

    In market we have infinite numbers of investing options.  We need to think of how many of them are reliable with our needs.

    Indian stock market is highly profitable market in the country where risk is involved too. For generating consistent profit we need to analyse all script chart in professional manner and invest logically.

    To have a command over chart trading in stock market following four things are required. 

    • 1. Fundamentals

    • 2. Patterns (all charts are made up of combination of patterns)

    • 3. Strategies

    • 4. Risk management

    How to escape from risk zone while trading in stock market. 

    There are two types of Investors as follows.

    • 1. Short term 

    • 2. Long term

    1. Short term Investors. 

    Short term trader deals with intraday trading. It is the most riskiest method for trading Money in market.

    There are following reasons for loosing money in market.

    • A. Heavy brokerage applied from Indian broker 

    • For example.  0.50 paisa/trade, 1.00 paisa/trade and so on.

    • B. Fails to identify chart pattern mainly remains confused between support and resistance of trend.

    • C. Confusion in risk management

    • D. Lack of knowledge about applying strategies on time.

    • E. Troubleshooting.

    2. Long term investors.

    Investing in dividend stock, growth stock and value stock is a preferred options.

    In a long term, investors trades with delivery method keeping enough space and margin for better movement of trade price in market. So it decreases risk up to 50% then intraday.

    Here investors are having large numbers of options in investing in large cap stock like hdfc bank, jp associates, tata motor, infosys, ongc, sbi etc.

    How u will prepare u r self for making an investment in Indian stock market. 

    U need to open a demat and trading account. U can deal with online stock market trading account too.

    Basic preparations before u start trading.

    • 1. Try any free practice account first...

    • 2. Find suitable and reliable broker with respect to your trading needs...

    • 3. Get trained completely from any experienced trader/trainer in live practical sessions for confidence built up...

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